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Our Story

For the first 22 years of our lives, someone was always telling us what to do next in life. It was as if a GPS told us exactly what to do while we cruised through life on auto-pilot. Then, we became "adults".


In joining the real world, the GPS shut off and we were on our own, staring ahead at the next 40 years of our lives wondering "what’s next?”


We started the real world full of energy and excitement, but quickly realized we had no idea who we were, where we were going, and how we would get there. Sound familiar?


Elevation Nation was born out of necessity. To help us figure out adulthood together as a community of young adults striving to conquer the real world.


You aren't alone.

Welcome to Elevation Nation.


Parker & Sam





By shifting your mindset and focusing on Mental Fortitude, you, as a young adult, will discover who you are, what you want, and how to get there - all with the common goal of conquering the real world.

Through exclusive interviews, teachings, and a powerful community, Elevation Nation will help you make an impact to be seen, heard and valued in adulthood.

Sam Panitch

Sam is a former high school basketball benchwarmer, aspiring chef, and currently teaching himself to play the piano. He is a co-founder of Elevation Nation, which grew out of his obsession for helping others figure out their path in life, while determining his along the way. Sam is also deathly afraid of geese. (Long story)

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Parker Yablon

When he isn’t spinning a conversation to talk about the Ravens, Parker prides himself on his passion for vinyl collecting, making Italian food, and traveling. A co-founder of Elevation Nation, Parker strives to help others be more introspective and feel valued. In case you were wondering, he can't see in 3D.

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