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mental motto


/ mɛntl̩ ˈmɑtoʊ /

A phrase or attitude one lives their life by; An embodiment of one's mind, heart, and soul.


The Mental Fortitude Workbook

Mindset matters. Elevator your mindset with our one-week workbook designed to break down Mental Fortitude and craft your own Mental Motto. Develop a better understanding of yourself, your vision, and what fuels you. 

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Mental Fortitude

Having worked with high school, college students, and young adults from around the world, Parker and Sam know a thing or two about mindset. Whether you are applying to college, starting a new career, or looking for a change, Elevation Nation's Mental Fortitude coaching will help you dig deeper, reset, and elevate your mindset. 

Elevation Nation
Workshop Series

Got a big group that you want to inspire and elevate? Share the power of Mental Fortitude with Elevation Nation's keynote workshop. Designed to dive deeper and explore the real issues facing young adults collectively, Elevation Nation helps your audience craft their own Mental Motto to conquer the real world.

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Mental Mottos From Around The World


Elevator no. 80
Ilana Dunn

Host of Seeing Other People

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