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The Elevation Nation Podcast

Mindset Matters

Join us as we talk about the real problems facing young adults and how we use Mental Fortitude to solve them. Along the way, we interview some of the most successful young people who are crushing the real world as we learn from their mistakes, as well as their victories. 

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The Elevation Nation Podcast

Helping Young Adults Conquer The Real World

One Inspiring Story. One Meaningful Conversation. One Elevator At A Time.

Helping Young Adults Conquer The Real World

Hosted By Sam Panitch & Parker Yablon

What People Are Saying


It is refreshing to know there are guys out there that are real and genuine.The topcs are encouraging and validating. Highly recommend!


Awesome to know I'm not the only one who doesn't have the real world figured out. Love Sam and Parker's takes on how to naviagate life.


They just get it. They're relatable, genuine and are able to talk about any and every topic. There's so much to gain in every episode.
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